TESLA Bag Holder_08.png

B a g  H o l d e

November 2016

#Rhinoceros     #Keyshot     #3D Printing     #Photoshop     #Photograph

First industrial design project.

Design possible concept for TESLA.

Combine the function of bag holder and door handle.

How to find her car in a giant parking with lots of bags?

TESLA Bag Holder_09.png

Only one feature, carrying multiple bags

Hard to keep balance when you have lots bags.

Unable to identify your car

and extra hand to hold.

Hard to get key out from pocket when carry bags.

TESLA Bag Holder_03.png
TESLA Bag Holder_04.png
TESLA Bag Holder_10.png

Pull out from the car

Hang bags on the holder

Vibration navigation

Touch panel control